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Eating for Health

The phrase healthy eating has replaced the word diet as the pathway to a more fulfilling life.  The path to having more energy and longer life and often less weight.  The word diet has become associated with eating less and to some degree suffering.  This means that over the longer run it is not fun and therefore not sustainable.

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Healthy eating is associated with a healthy lifestyle resulting in an improved sense of well being, better exercise, better sleep and an improved mental attitude.  This ultimate results in a better performance in the workplace and the home life.  Adopting a positive approach to healthy eating is about adopting a healthy approach to life.

Even governments are appreciating the value of healthy eating.  So much so that in Australia the Department of Health and Aging has developed the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.  This guide identifies that your diet should be balanced and even provides the proportions we should use for each of the five main food groups – Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits, Meat and Dairy.


For many people the Guide to Healthy Eating is a great starting point, but not enough.  While some people are focused on a weight loss diet others may be subject to a food allergy or a food intolerance.  Others have special requirements, such as improved sporting performance.  Increasingly people are also being drawn to the benefits of combination eating and keeping the acid/alkaline intake in balance as well as the benefits of detoxification and the importance of having high levels of natural foods and reducing processed foods.

For most of us the challenge is still how do we stick to our healthy eating program and deciding what is the best healthy eating program for me.  Motivation shouldn’t be an important factor in adopting a healthy eating program. Healthy eating should be motivation enough.  Unfortunately many of us find too many distractions available to move off our healthy eating program.  We have a big function to go to, or a night out, or we are at a party and there are too many temptations, or we are bored. In a sense this is okay provided we get back on the program straight away.   To help you get on the program and then to stick with it, it is helpful to have a goal.  This goal can provide us with the pull we need to get us back onto our healthy eating program.

It is also helpful to know the impact of the food we are eating.  For instance if you are on weight loss program how many kilojoules can you eat before it turns into a kilogram of bodyweight.  Alternatively how many kilometres do I need to run or walk before I use up sufficient energy to burn up a kilogram of bodyweight.  How do I need to change my eating or exercise patterns to lose (or gain) the weight I need. 

Your Goal

People are attracted to a healthy eating program for many purposes:

  • Weight reduction - go to a  weight loss calculator

  • Improved sporting performance

  • Feeling healthy

    • Detoxification

    • Maintaining the acid alkaline balance

  • Improved mental performance  -  brainfood

  • Maintaining balance.

Once you have identified what has attracted you to a healthy eating program you are better placed to set your goal.  Visit to obtain detailed guidance on how to set a goal for your healthy eating.

If you would like special help with your diet there are a number of ebooks and guidelines that may help you understand what you need to do to set your excess weight free and provide you with the action plan and the motivation to put this knowledge into practice.  For instance did you know that if you just eat a fruit salad for lunch you may still feel hungry because your this meal is low in protein. However if you add yoghurt to your fruit salad you are adding protein.  You now have a much greater chance of having your hunger satisfied. You may also like to know that if you spread the food you eat over 6 meals as opposed to 3 your body is likely to metabolise the food more quickly.

so if you are interested to find out how you could eat more and lose weight, or you would like to learn how you can get a burn the fat and feed the muscle you may benefit from obtaining these ebooks or programs.